YAH Not Same Size

A fellow collector noted that the Asia versions of the You Are Here (YAH) are not the same size as their USA and Europe counterparts.  That set me off on a bit of scientific observation and I am sharing the results.  They in fact are not the same size.

Here are the measurements

USA-Europe  / Asia

  • 4mm / 3mm at mouth edge
  • 6mm / 6mm at thickest
  • 60mm / 58mm diameter
  • 50mm / 48mm tall
  •      46mm / 45mm full side
  •       4mm / 3mm stand
  • 6mm / 5mm handle thickness
  • 36.5mm / 36.5 handle height
  • 24mm / 23mm handle protrusion
  • 116g / 124g weight
  • 3oz / 2.5oz volume



Clearly the Asia version is indeed smaller.  The one exception to being smaller was in terms of the weight.  Oddly the Asia version weighs 8g more.

Here is where the science falls a part.  I only tested one USA and one Asia, the California and the Hong Kong.  I am sure there are variations in all to some degree.  But for purposes of the collector community, this is enough to state one version is smaller than the other.

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