2013 Red Cup Comparison

One of the most enjoyable, and at the same time, most frustrating experiences is to discover there is yet another ornament that it seems all were unaware of.  By all, I mean a circle of collectors that congregate on a Facebook collectors group.  We are a fairly large and passionate group of people, and yet we come to realize now and again a yet (to us) undiscovered ornament.  This is as I have shared, my reason for this site and catalog creation.  To put in one place a reservoir of all the ornaments.

All that said, one such new ornament to come to my knowledge is the 2013 Red To Go Cup that was released in Japan.  I suppose because it was only released in Japan, and at that time it was not widely known Japan was getting unique product, is why so many were unaware.

The two versions are very similar and yet very different.  The overall theme of poinsettias, leaves and berries that Starbucks used that year show on both, but in enough of a difference to clearly show a unique ornament design for both countries.   The below image points out the differences from each side.

2013 Red To Go Cup Comparison