A Labor of Crazy

I don’t know why I like to collect things.  I suppose it’s part learned behavior, part OCD and part sickness (as my family calls it).  And for the most part I do fairly well limiting my collections to small items as my wife and I like to keep a simple home without lots of stuff around.  So Starbucks cards and Christmas ornaments are my thing.

Collecting is normal enough I suppose, but the desire in me to catalog them, photograph and create this displays, well that’s quite another.  Whether it is odd, crazy or or a useful tool, you decide.  But here it is for your enjoyment.  Ok, perhaps mine too as I do enjoy this random and very detailed venture.

For those of you who collect cards, there are better resources to know what has been released:  BucksCards and CardLovers.  They offer a complete catalog of release sorted by many options.  I just have a photo display of my collection, and while fairly large, it’s not complete in the international area.  I also don’t collect Starbucks mugs or bears either, but those have various sites that catalog all releases.

But for ornaments, there just has not been a standard source.  So I set out to discover all the ornaments that Starbucks has released since they began in 1999.  Many in a collectors group helped out and it seems we continue to discover more.  But for now, this site offers the most complete listing of ornament releases.  I have most of them in my collection, and when I don’t, I put a blank image with name and release year. (If you have an ornament I don’t, feel free to make an offer so that this photo catalog, and my collection, can be complete.

I hope you enjoy.

And for legal purposes I should say that neither I nor this site are affiliated with Starbucks.