A Special Discovery

Realizing that Japan did in fact have variants for the To Go Cups, I began to search out to acquire the To Go Cups for as far back as I could find.  To my surprise, not 2006 Red To Go Cup Japan 2only did I find the variants, but a completely unique design that nobody, to my knowledge, in the USA knew about!

In 2006 Japan released a Red Cup and a Saucer and Tea Cup.  The Tea Cup I had been made aware of but was suspicious of its origin as it has the “Holiday 2006” in a red script font on the bottom.  No other ornament from Japan has this and this made me quite curious.  But if it was a USA release why were we not seeing it on eBay along with the “wishes” style that was released here?  With the discovery of 2006 Red To Go Cup Japanthis new Red To Cup, all is made clear.  It also has the “Holiday 2006” in red script on the bottom.  The design is sweet showing a family walking their dog and there is a star burst pattern covering the entire cup in a deeper red.

This journey to discover new ornaments has been fun and this one in particular is a special find.  I think we are near the end of finding previously unknown ornaments to the USA market, but who knows?