Been There?


We suspected the time would come when the Been There Series (BTS of mugs, which have replaced the You Are Here Series (YAH), would be released in ornament form. The time has come. Showing up for the Fall 2018 promotion, the Been There Series (BTS) is coming out in full force! It seems all 50 US states, the cities of Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Las Vegas, Miami, Seattle, San Francisco, Waikiki, Washington DC, as well as a Canada and Toronto (so far). Oddly, no indication of a Pike Place Market which usually is released with that group of cities. As with the YAH ornaments, it seems to be limited to licensed locations such as in airports and grocery stores making it more difficult to source and collect.

Many ornament collectors in my experience didn’t care much for the mugs, but it seems general consensus that the ornaments are delightful. There are less images ported from the mug to the smaller ornament form and there is a sense of ‘happiness’ when you look at them. But they still are mugs and to this writer’s preference, that is not desired. Still, look for them to be added to the catalog of this site in full over the coming months!

4 Replies to “Been There?”

  1. Sharon

    I’m a tumbler girl myself. These are way too heavy for a tree. If they were tiny, I’d be all over this. Do you know if there will be 2018 tumbler ornaments? I have such mixed feelings after last year’s hassle. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • lenbanks Post author

      I am not sure of what the 2018 holiday release will be be at this time, but I am certain there will be To-Go Cup styles along with others.

      • Monica

        When will the 2018 ornaments be available? There one of 2 mainstays I purchase annually for my “on mommy’s tree only” LOL

        • lenbanks Post author

          The Been There Series is currently in licensed stores across the country and will be be available in all stores on November 2. The more traditional holiday style ornaments are expected to release on November 2. The list of expected ornaments is leaking out and seems to be a more manageable quantity (If you don’t count 65 BTS mugs). Happy Collecting!

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