Calling It Quits :(

For many years now I have LOVED the hunt of collecting and cataloguing all the Starbucks ornaments around the globe. And I am pretty sure I have them ALL up to mid 2022. It has been my joy making this info available for all the collectors. But then life happened.

We chose to make a significant change and moved from our lifelong state of California to the other side of the US to South Carolina. With that came a lot of changes, one being a change in income level. I am not crying poor and seeking sympathy in any way! And yet the reality is that hunting down and purchasing these little pieces of joy on a string is no longer wise.

The website will not continue to be maintained at the moment as I am spending my time ‘building the life we love’ and don’t have the energy to keep it current. BUT I am happy to accept help.

My preferred desire, however, would be to sell the entire collection as a whole to a very motivated collector. Along with it would come the opportunity to also take over the website. Although the website could be taken by a different person too.

So if you are interested in either the purchase of my collection or taking over the website, please feel free to contact me. Serious interest only please.

4 Replies to “Calling It Quits :(”

  1. Jan

    Love your collection! You’ve been my go-to reference when I started my little collection years ago. Wishing you luck on your future endeavors!

  2. Rachael C

    I just found your page! Love it and appreciate all the love and hard work you put in to it. My collection is currently all over the place as I am trying to figure out what I like vs love..also learning to be patient although it is the hardest thing. Congrats on your new found endeavors and happy holidays!

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