2017 YAH (so far)

Christmas 2016 was just crazy with all the ornaments released.  So many collectors were looking forward to a bit of a breather until the next holiday releases.  But then YAH happened…again.  At first, rumors were swirling around that every city, state or country that had a full-size YAH mugs were going to be released.  That may happen over time, but thankfully that rumor was false for now…at once.  Then we heard all of China was to come out.  Again, thankfully not true.  But what did come out (so far) has been significant nonetheless, and as it was from various parts of the world, took a bit of time to gather.

Canada had the first releases of Calgary, Canada, Toronto, and Vancouver.

Thailand had a single release, which by itself seems odd, but late in 2016 Hong Kong, Macau and a number of Vietnam ornaments released.

And then more cities in the USA were released.  And again, a few notable were re-released (marked with ‘*’) with no significant changes.  The ornaments are Charlotte, Denver, Hawaii*, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Oregon, San Diego, Waikiki, and Washington.

April 2017 and on has been quiet again, finally the much desired break.  But we are talking about Starbucks, or as many collectors say, Starbroke.  So a flood of YAH could come at any time.

To view all the YAH, go the gallery.

YAH Not Same Size

A fellow collector noted that the Asia versions of the You Are Here (YAH) are not the same size as their USA and Europe counterparts.  That set me off on a bit of scientific observation and I am sharing the results.  They in fact are not the same size.

Here are the measurements

USA-Europe  / Asia

  • 4mm / 3mm at mouth edge
  • 6mm / 6mm at thickest
  • 60mm / 58mm diameter
  • 50mm / 48mm tall
  •      46mm / 45mm full side
  •       4mm / 3mm stand
  • 6mm / 5mm handle thickness
  • 36.5mm / 36.5 handle height
  • 24mm / 23mm handle protrusion
  • 116g / 124g weight
  • 3oz / 2.5oz volume



Clearly the Asia version is indeed smaller.  The one exception to being smaller was in terms of the weight.  Oddly the Asia version weighs 8g more.

Here is where the science falls a part.  I only tested one USA and one Asia, the California and the Hong Kong.  I am sure there are variations in all to some degree.  But for purposes of the collector community, this is enough to state one version is smaller than the other.

You Are Here Goes Global

The You Are Here (YAH) series of mugs has been expanding worldwide at a record pace, but until recently, the ornaments were limited to the US.  They now are crossing the border, but interestingly in very unexpected locations.

Starbucks Ornament You Are Here

The first came out in Vietnam in a unique 3 ornament set featuring Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City, and Hanoi and are made in Thailand.  This is the only known YAH ornament sold in a boxed set.

The next were Hong Kong and Macau, sold in Hong Kong and made in China.  The next two were Singapore, both named Singapore and also made in China.  One of the Singapore is of the famed Merlion Fountain and the other, the Orchid Towers, so that is how I will identify them in the gallery and database.

To date there are no other known or rumored releases.

Same? 2013 & 2016 YAH

I wish we could get in the mind of the product teams at Starbucks.  Why do they release what they do when they do?  Especially when it’s something as random as the three ornaments in the You Are Here (YAH) series.  In 2013 five YAH cities/states were released to much joy and appreciation of all.  The cities/states were Hawaii, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, and Seattle.  They were beautiful and our first glimpse at a miniature of the, at the time, new full-size mug style.

2014 brought us a “riff” on the series with a set of gold YAH, 2015 brought us the Disneyland and DisneyWorld parks YAH.  Again, well loved ornaments.  And then, as noted in previous posts, we had this odd release of 25 YAH from cities and states all over the country.  In addition to the odd timing, released in March; and the odd purchase options, only sold in licensed stores, collectors are mystified as to the re-release of 3 of the original 5.  Why re-release any, but if you must, why not all 5?

In any case we now have a 2016 (bottom stamped 2015, but released in 2016) version of New York, San Francisco, and Seattle.  Many collectors decided not to bother getting them since they were the same.  But are they?  Below are side-by-side pictures showing the differences.  In reality, the differences are only to the degree of being a variation and not a fully new design.  But there are differences to be noted nonetheless.

2013 and 2106 YAH Comparison

It may be the production differences but the placement on the cup is a bit different, most notably the Seattle. Colors of the 2013 version are more saturated as well.

2013 and 2106 YAH Comparison back

2013 again is on the left and this view again highlights the color differences.

2013 and 2106 YAH Comparison side

2013 is on the bottom and here you can definitely see the different location of the image on the mug. New York is only slightly different, San Francisco a bit, but Seattle very noticeable.

2013 and 2106 YAH Comparison bottom

Here are the other distinct differences. The 2013 on the left are Made in China and the 2016 on the right are Made in Thailand. The strings are quite different too. The 2013 are a silk cord and the 2016 is a woven string that is course and kind of inexpensive feeling and looking. IMO

YAHs by Year

Over the years Starbucks has released a number of mug styles, the most ubiquitous being the Icon and You Are Here (YAH) styles.  The latter has also been released in small doses in the 2 ounce size to ornament collector’s and mugger’s (those who collect mugs) delight.

The first set of 5 was released in 2013 featuring the cities/states of Hawaii, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, and Seattle.  In 2014 a more Christmas themed version was released, called Gold YAH.  This set featured the cities/states California, Chicago, Florida, Hawaii, Los Angeles, New York, Pike Place Market, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington DC.  My favorite of the releases came in 2015.  It was part of the Disney Collection which, in addition to the YAH ornaments, included To Go Cups, Cold Cups, and a 60th Anniversary tall mug.  The YAH set featured the six US theme parks, Disneyland, California Adventure, Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios.

All the sets to this point were released during the Christmas shopping season.  The 2016 set, however, was released in March, and only to licensed stores such as those in airports, hotels, and turnpike rest stops.  This set includes the cities/states Alaska, Arizona, Atlanta, Boston, California, Colorado, Dallas, Florida, Houston, Illinois, Miami, Michigan, Nashville, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle, Texas, Virginia, and Washington DC.

Each of the individual ornaments can be seen on the ornament gallery page.  Here are pictures of the the full sets together.

2013 You Are Here Set3116 2014 You Are Here Gold Set3164 2015 Disney Series You Are Here Set2016 You Are Here Full Set

Ornaments in March!?!

This is surprising all of us collectors!  Mini YAH (You Are Here) mug ornaments are beginning to show up here in March with an official release on the 22nd.  It’s not clear just yet what cities and states will come out but it seems likes it’s going to be extensive.

2013 You Are Here SetBack in 2013 a set was released for the holidays.  In that collection there were 5 cities/states: Hawaii, New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, and San Francisco.  So far it’s confirmed that the San Francisco is being released again in this round and I suspect the other 4 will as well.

I’ll keep you posted with full lists and ultimate photos as I gather them.

Happy Collecting!

UPDATE:  So now it appears there are going to be 25 ornaments in total for this March release, 3 of which are released again from the original 5.  As of 3/29/16 all have been confirmed with photographs.  What makes this release of ornaments particularly interesting and frustrating is that they have shown up only in licensed stores such as in airports and hotels.

IMG_9088The 25 ornaments are YAH Alaska, YAH Arizona, YAH Atlanta, YAH Boston, YAH California, YAH Chicago, YAH Colorado, YAH Dallas, YAH Florida, YAH Houston, YAH Illinois, YAH Miami, YAH Michigan, YAH Nashville, YAH New Jersey, YAH New York, YAH North Carolina, YAH Ohio, YAH Orlando, YAH Philadelphia, YAH San Francisco, YAH Seattle, YAH Texas, YAH Virginia, YAH Washington DC