Discover Starbucks Ornaments on YouTube

This site offers you so many resources in pics, posts, galleries, and ornament information, but I am now offering you even more! I’ve started a YouTube channel that moves some of my passions and hobbies out to share what I know with others! Among those interests, is of course, Starbucks ornaments. So discover Starbucks ornaments on YouTube and join me on the channel; watch, enjoy, subscribe and comment. I trust you will learn more about our hobby, as well as, grow in your passion and understanding. The two most recent uploads are highlighting the co-branding of Disney and Starbucks ornaments and then another on the Bearista Bear ornaments. More will follow as you follow the channel!

Additionally I have added an option for you to show appreciation or support through the ‘Buy Me a Coffee” link. This site along with making sure I secure EVERY ornament has a cost involved with it. I do it freely as it is my passion, but the support from you means a lot. Thanks in advance for any thanks you send my way.

So come and discover Starbucks ornaments on YouTube as well as this site. Happy Collecting!