Do Starbucks Ornaments Expire?

Starbucks OrnamentsMy slogan, ‘it don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that string’ might tell us what qualifies to be an ornament, but just because it has a string doesn’t mean it is one.  It seems that if you put a string on something during the holidays many people buy it and adorn their trees.  But if it expires leaving only disposable packaging, can it really be an ornament. 😉

The pictured Hot Cocoa packages, VIA, and the chocolate bar are great marketing ideas.  But for the ornament collector in me who tries to get them all, this may be going a bit too far.  (And yet, I do own them).

The burst pattern packages of Hot Chocolate (middle) were released in 2014 using the similar styling of other holiday items that year.  In 2015, Starbucks simplified everything, receiving great criticism for doing so. (See CNN Money’s article explaining).  The two Hot Cocoa packets on the far right are from the same year, and despite being adorned with ornaments, they still share a more simplified scheme.

So, ornaments or not?

Determination: Great holiday marketing, but not one of the official collectible ornaments featured in our catalog.  Other ornaments that served a dual purpose of being a container for candy left us a fully functioning non-disposable collectible when the food was consumed.

But don’t let me tell you what is or is not an ornament.  Vote in our poll let me know what you think.

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