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This is your opportunity to acquire Starbucks ornaments you may have missed when they first came out.

I am no longer collecting Starbucks ornaments. It was a difficult decision but I just don’t have the resources, energy or space to maintain a growing collection. You now have an opportunity to acquire ornaments you may have missed when they first came out.

I am sorting the large collection (over 850 ornaments) into small sets either by year or region and as I unpack and sort I will be posting the sets and prices here. I will also post what sets have sold and are no longer available. Prices are only negotiable if you are buying multiple sets.


1991-2018 Mini Mugs USA31SOLD
1995-2001 The ORIGINALS10$300.00
2004-2021 Classic RED CUPS-USA17SOLD
2005-2012 Snow Globes Asia and USA16$1,000.00
2006 Felt 4-Sided AND Flat Tree (part of a gift pack set with mug)3$125.00
2006-2021 Classic RED CUPS-Asia/Europe19$400.00
2011-2021 Europe-Asia Mini Mugs4SOLD
2012 Promo Embroidered Set6$60.00
2012-2016 Swarovski6SOLD
2012-2020 KOREA EXCLUSIVES9$250.00
2013 You Are Here5$60.00
2014 Ink Stamp Set JAPAN5$200.00
2014 You Are Here Gold10$250.00
2015 Destinations To Go Cup13$300.00
2015 Japan Dot Collection9SOLD
2015-2021 Disney Collection (includes 2022 Hot Cups)56$1,250.00
2016 Red State To Go Cups50SOLD
2016 You Are Here USA25$350.00
2016-2017 JAPAN Exclusive Ornaments6SOLD
2016-2019 French Press Pots5SOLD
2016-2021 Reserve Roastery USA, Japan, Milan23$750.00
2016-2021 You Are Here Asia (NO Japan)24$700.00
2016-2021 You Are Here EUROPE-MIDDLE EAST43$1,700.00
2017 To Go Cup Dot Collection7$100.00
2017 To Go Cup Local Collection53SOLD
2017 You Are Here USA-Canada14$200.00
2017-2019 You Are Here Japan5$225.00
2018 Been There Series Mugs w/ V2 (plus Arizona v3)75$1,500.00
2018 Japan Discovery Boxed Set4$100.00
2018 JAPAN Exclusive Ornaments5SOLD
2018 You Are Here Gold EUROPE10$300.00
2018-2020 Totes27SOLD
2018-2021 LATM Red Cups3SOLD
2019 JAPAN Exclusive Ornaments6SOLD
2019 Mini Mugs on Lucite Tree from China5SOLD
2019 You Are Here Gold EUROPE14SOLD
2020 BTS Glass To Go Cup23$350.00
2020 Japan Chilled Cup Boxed Set4$100.00
2020 JAPAN Exclusive Ornaments4SOLD
2020 You Are Here Gold EUROPE4$250.00
2020-2021 Via Tins JAPAN11$150.00
2020-2022 2022 Lucky Charm Fukudama JIMOTO6$350.00
2020-21 Been There Series Asia13$400.00
2021 50th Anniversary Set (Asia)2SOLD
2021 BTS Glass Hot Cup Metallic34$550.00
2021 JAPAN Exclusive Ornaments6SOLD
2021 Red To Go Cup Set 2016-2021 from China6$150.00

When considering the posted prices please take into account just how rare many of this collection are by age, location or limited sets produced, along with how much I had to pay for shipping and such to acquire them originally. So once again, serious inquiries only.

Because of fragility and shipping costs, I will ONLY ship to US addresses.

PayPal, VENMO, and AppleCASH are accepted. 

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The collection increased after this video, but to get a sense of the size of the collection, watch this:

The ULTIMATE Starbucks Ornament Collection