Get Ready, They’re Coming!

It’s almost time to unpack those boxes and decorate your homes for Christmas.  And oh yeah, buy another 75 or so Starbucks ornaments.  You read that right, looks like a LOT of ornaments are being released this year once again.  The 50 states (plus DC and Pike Place) are back, but this year they are at least a worthy design.  It seems they are all based off designs used for the ceramic tumblers that came out earlier this year.  And now that the online store no longer exists, lets see just how difficult it will be to gather them all.  Oh boy! (can you hear the sarcasm?)

And just to throw another collecting wrinkle into the mix, three (one each) will only be available at Target, Kroeger, and Albertson’s stores and two only at licensed stores.

  • Peace + Love (Licensed Stores)
  • Rose Gold Heart (Licensed Stores)
  • Bear To Go Cup (Kroger Only)
  • Deer To Go Cup (Albertson’s Only)
  • Fox To Go Cup (Target Only)

The other known North America ornaments are as listed:

  • Colorful Siren Enamel
  • Joy Flat
  • Peace Flat
  • Rose Gold French Press
  • Rose Gold Heart Flat
  • Green Flourish To Go Cup
  • Modern Trees To Go Cup
  • Red To Go Cup

At the time of this post, there are only 4 ornaments we know of coming out in Asia.  But of course that can change.  They are…

  • Plush Deer
  • Plush Fox
  • Night Forest To Go Cup
  • Poinsettia To Go Cup

Likely there will also be a unique red cup released in Europe, if not other styles.  Europe tends to get less product.

Where the list can really swell will be if more YAH are released.  And there is a rumor there may be Holiday Gold YAH as well.  We have confirmed full-sized Gold YAH mugs, so it is not unreasonable to have the miniatures released as well.  While that would add to the large number of ornaments released this year, they are an especially beautiful design and I would welcome them.

I of course do not have any sense of entitlement, but if you feel it in your heart to send me your state or non-USA ornaments as a gift to keep this site current and maintained, that would be most welcome!  You can contact me for my mailing address.