It’s Officially Not Christmas

For the longest time I was insistent that I would only create the master list of ornament releases for what I considered ‘Christmas’ ornaments.  That was the case even though many ornaments were not Christmas themes such as the various mini mugs over the years.  They were, however, all released at Christmastime, so they were Christmas ornaments.

But since the release of the YAH mini mugs ornaments in MARCH which are the same style as those released in previous years for the holiday season, well…many of us are rethinking our narrow category.  It’s now just ornaments and not Christmas ornaments.

1995 Easter Egg Candy Tin SetSo that brings into the fold a well loved and likely the first ornament set ever produced by Starbucks.  The 1995 Easter Egg Candy Tin Set.  As noted on the site Coffee House Collectibles, “They were each filled with green basket grass and packaged inside was Imported Italian chocolates.”  I wish I would have seen them originally.  I bet they were very special.

They still are special today as there are 4 unique designs with intricate and ornate patterns and colors both inside and out.  Take a look at the gallery page for a detailed image of each ornament.