Ornaments in March!?!

This is surprising all of us collectors!  Mini YAH (You Are Here) mug ornaments are beginning to show up here in March with an official release on the 22nd.  It’s not clear just yet what cities and states will come out but it seems likes it’s going to be extensive.

2013 You Are Here SetBack in 2013 a set was released for the holidays.  In that collection there were 5 cities/states: Hawaii, New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, and San Francisco.  So far it’s confirmed that the San Francisco is being released again in this round and I suspect the other 4 will as well.

I’ll keep you posted with full lists and ultimate photos as I gather them.

Happy Collecting!

UPDATE:  So now it appears there are going to be 25 ornaments in total for this March release, 3 of which are released again from the original 5.  As of 3/29/16 all have been confirmed with photographs.  What makes this release of ornaments particularly interesting and frustrating is that they have shown up only in licensed stores such as in airports and hotels.

IMG_9088The 25 ornaments are YAH Alaska, YAH Arizona, YAH Atlanta, YAH Boston, YAH California, YAH Chicago, YAH Colorado, YAH Dallas, YAH Florida, YAH Houston, YAH Illinois, YAH Miami, YAH Michigan, YAH Nashville, YAH New Jersey, YAH New York, YAH North Carolina, YAH Ohio, YAH Orlando, YAH Philadelphia, YAH San Francisco, YAH Seattle, YAH Texas, YAH Virginia, YAH Washington DC