Rwanda Charms Bring Good Thoughts to Our Trees

In 2008 Starbucks, being the globally aware company that it is, brought to market some handcrafted charms.  There are two styles of these Rwanda charms, the Beehive and the Spiral.  As the packaging states,

This unique charm was handcrafted by men and women from Rwanda to celebrate and share their culture.  Your purchase connects you to a community of artisans who are working to create a better life for themselves and their families.  

The spiral pattern symbolizes the path of the life marked by the obstacles we face.

Uses: Attach where ever good thoughts are welcome.

(STARBUCKS) RED Holiday Charm


While technically not intended to be ornaments as we know them, they are able to be hung on trees as such.  But to confuse the last statement a bit, in 2010 to celebrate World AIDS day, Starbucks released the (STARBUCKS) RED Holiday Charm and described it as an ornament.  It was a co-mingling of the holiday items.



The original charms seem to have come in brown and black in both styles and are the only ornaments Starbucks has released not made in China or Thailand.

2008 Starbucks Charms Black and Brown Sets

2008 Starbucks Charms Inside

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  1. Diane

    I have a stack of these red spiral ‘ornaments’ and your site was the only place I saw them mentioned/pictured online! Any information on the value or rareity of these? ty!

    • lenbanks Post author

      I don’t ‘value’ items, nor am I aware of the rarity. I kind of figure if you can’t find them on eBay then they are pretty rare. ;) Thank you for visiting my site.

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