Starbucks 50th Anniversary Ornaments

Congratulations Starbucks for 50 years of bringing coffee joy to the world. To celebrate Starbucks released two 50th Anniversary Ornaments in the Asia region along with a lot of other products as well. Oddly these ornaments were not released in the United States.

The first is a coffee cup style with the siren on the front and ’50 Years’ on the back. The second is a coffee bag style with the siren on the front and her tail wrapping around the side to the back. Both are a beautiful soothing green base with rose gold and deep blue elements.

The coffee bag size and format is very different from previous bag ornaments. It is distinctly more petite with a narrow depth instead of the more square boxy shape of the previous bags. It is also a bit shorter.

It is interesting the release was in Asia only as the birthplace of Starbucks is the United States. The US did release a number of the other products; mugs, cold cups, anniversary blend beans, however. I suspect, and this is complete speculation, they will be released in the US later this Fall. The broader US customer is not as likely to buy ornaments out of season. If Starbucks releases the 50th anniversary ornament in the US, it will be interesting to see if they are the same designs or unique ones for North America and perhaps even Europe.

Make sure to visit the catalog page for the listing with details.