The 2017 Catalog Has Arrived!

The web is nice and I hope you enjoy this site, but sometimes print is just what is needed.  If you would like a color catalog showing every ornament Starbucks has released, then click here to download your very own copy. The 2017 Catalog has arrived and it includes every ornament released from way back in 1995 to the end of 2017.

Each ornament is featured on it’s own page with a picture showing all angels.  All the available information from SKU to material used to manufacture is provided as well.

Printing on your ink jet is NOT recommended as it is over 400 pages.  So take it to one of those print shops or use your office copier. 😉 Then three-hole punch, place in a binder and begin to track what you have using the Have/Need section on the top right corner.

Happy Collecting!

4 Replies to “The 2017 Catalog Has Arrived!”

  1. Kristopher

    I really appreciate you sharing your efforts with us. The catalog looks great!

    Just out of curiosity…

    Are you able to make a checklist?

    If you were to take the large box with the description (ex: “2017 You Are Here Washington”) and squeeze two or three columns of descriptions onto each page then you would probably have only around four pages of checklist. That is only two pages front and back.

    Then people could use the checklist while out at stores and such.

    (and by people, I mean me)

    Just a thought.

    Happy New Year!

    • lenbanks Post author

      I am not entirely sure what you are describing, but the idea of taking the catalog into stores to confirm purchases, while seeming useful, doesn’t really work as the ornaments are limited time in stores. One can’t go and buy any of these except the current year and my catalog is updated after the current year is released and gone. It takes me a while to gather them myself.

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