Welcome to My New Digs

I am glad you found yourself here. This is now the new home of all my Starbucks ornament collection and discussion about them.  I hope in time to develop a full on catalog with the ability to sort by details so that you can pull up any group of ornaments you desire.  To do that I had to change platforms for the site host.

I was able to make some other design changes as well.  So I hope you like them.

I have said when trying to figure out if a little Starbucks mug was an ornament or not, “No string, no ornament”.  The string is what makes it a legitimate ornament.  So that has led to my new site tagline, “It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that string”.  Thanks Chris Falconio for coming up with that!

At this point I am certain that you will find every ornament that Starbucks has ever released here on this site.  From time to time we discover one previously unknown, but I think that time is coming to an end.  In my personal collection, I am only missing 7 of the over 250 produced.  I am constantly on the hunt to acquire them.

Please enjoy the gallery and information as you continue to collect these little pieces of joy on a string.