We’re at Our Best When We’re Together

We’re at our best when we’re together is the holiday 2018 theme for Starbucks and speaks to the divide in our political climate, at least in the US, but even worldwide. It calls on us all to remember the holiday spirit of family and unity and coming together.

Beautiful sentiment which I hope is embraced by one and all.

But this site is all about ornaments, not the political climate of the world.

So, let’s get right to it. Well over 100 ornaments were released in 2018, two-thirds before the holiday release. One thing clear, the US is not the dominant market in quantity this year. They are fairly equal among North America, Europe, and Asia. Europe seeing the most significant increase. In year’s past Europe only released one to three, if any. But this year it is well over a dozen with a special release of the Gold You Are Here (YAH) representing one country each and sold only in the respective country.

The implication the North America market was set aside a bit is not entirely fair or accurate as the Been There Series (BTS) mini mug release of 50 US States, 10 US cities, 4 Canadian cities, and the country of Canada was released in September to licensed stores only and fully released to all stores alongside the holiday release. Clearly, the bulk of the 2018 ornaments are from the North American market.

As they were released, however, earlier in the Fall, we are not considering them as central to the Holiday 2018 campaign. The one exception is the Pike Place Market. The BTS ornament for the store was not released until November 2, 2018. Likely because the early release had contractual obligations and benefits for licensed stores and PPM is, of course, a corporate store.

Here are the ornaments by region. Some are released in specific countries, but for this list they will be shown only for one of the three greater geographical regions.


  • 2018 Baby Seal White Cup
  • 2018 Christmas Tree
  • 2018 Frappuccino Cup
  • 2018 Gingerbread Man Mug
  • 2018 Santa Bell
  • 2018 Wreath
  • 2018 Red Santa Mug
  • 2018 LED Cold Cup
  • 2018 Red Cold Cup
  • 2018 Santa Cold Cup
  • 2018 Red To Go Cup (Asia)


  • 2018 French Press
  • 2018 You Are Here Gold Austria
  • 2018 You Are Here Gold Belgium
  • 2018 You Are Here Gold Czech Republic
  • 2018 You Are Here Gold England
  • 2018 You Are Here Gold France
  • 2018 You Are Here Gold Germany
  • 2018 You Are Here Gold Netherlands
  • 2018 You Are Here Gold Portugal
  • 2018 You Are Here Gold Spain
  • 2018 You Are Here Gold Switzerland
  • 2018 Snowman Cold Cup
  • 2018 Red To Go Cup (Europe)
  • 2018 Gold Trees White Cup


  • 2018 Leather Star (Coffee Gear Store exclusive)
  • 2018 Mini Mug (gifts set from third-party vendors)
  • 2018 Been There Series Pike Place Market
  • 2018 Bearista Bear Houndstooth Sweater
  • 2018 Bearista Bear Sequin Skirt (LSE)
  • 2018 Plastic Cold Cup Flow Glitter
  • 2018 Reserve Red Cheetah
  • 2018 Stainless Steel Cold Cup Rose Gold
  • 2018 To Go Cup Ban.do Floral (LSE)
  • 2018 To Go Cup Gold Glitter
  • 2018 To Go Cup Houndstooth (LSE)
  • 2018 To Go Cup Red Stripe

In future posts, we will look at various ornaments and provide opinions as to styling, creativity and quality. Keep coming back, and Happy Collecting!