When We’re Together…

I Know I’ll Never Fall.  That was one of the statements on the 2012 Starbucks red cups that introduced a number of character images ice skating and gift giving.  It was a beautiful theme of holiday friendship.

2012 Embroidered SetAs is  often the case, Japan received some special ornaments to celebrate the theme.  A set of 6 embroidered ornaments.  They have white felt backsides with the Starbucks name across it, wide gold ribbon hangers, and the fronts are vibrant and stitched beautifully.  I heard that these were part of some sort of “promo”, perhaps  a gift with coffee or product purchase.  I will update this if/when I come across the actual details.

This set is very hard to find (vhtf) and I have searched for a long while.  But it is now part of my collection and I am happy to share with with you.  You can visit the gallery page to see individual images of each ornament.