You Are Here Goes Global

The You Are Here (YAH) series of mugs has been expanding worldwide at a record pace, but until recently, the ornaments were limited to the US.  They now are crossing the border, but interestingly in very unexpected locations.

Starbucks Ornament You Are Here

The first came out in Vietnam in a unique 3 ornament set featuring Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City, and Hanoi and are made in Thailand.  This is the only known YAH ornament sold in a boxed set.

The next were Hong Kong and Macau, sold in Hong Kong and made in China.  The next two were Singapore, both named Singapore and also made in China.  One of the Singapore is of the famed Merlion Fountain and the other, the Orchid Towers, so that is how I will identify them in the gallery and database.

To date there are no other known or rumored releases.